About Us

We’re the Wallstreet Journal of video games.

We’re here to foster intelligent, considered, and provocative conversations about video games and the gaming industry. We want your input, and we want you to apply your powerful, homo sapien brain to the analysis and enjoyment of video games. In this way, the industry can be improved, and we will all be happier for it.

We love video games, and we hold them to very high standards. We’re appalled by how the last generation of consoles became the Generation of Endless Reboots. We’re disgusted by how the current generation of consoles launched laughably out-dated and behind PC gaming; at a time when PC gaming is pushing 4k resolutions, consoles are struggling with 1080. We’re sick of the homogenized, bland, and generic games continually being released by AAA developers and publishers who release games that seem to have been designed by marketers and focus groups. They aim to appeal to everyone, losing their souls in the process.

We are very outspoken, and do not hesitate to state our opinions and stand by them. There is an anarchist core to DiMezzo Gaming, and the biggest part of that is individual responsibility. The abundance of launch-day patching, launch-day DLC, pre-orders, season passes, and the like are problems that ultimately lie with gamers–publishers wouldn’t promote season passes if they weren’t profitable. In short, we have to fix the video game industry. It is sick. But we’re going to have to exercise a bit of restraint, self-control, and individual responsibility, because we have to fix ourselves. Only by fixing ourselves can we fix the video game industry.

We hope to make you laugh, cry, scoff, roll your eyes, shake your fists, facepalm, yell, scream, call us stupid, call us brilliant, and, above all, make you think–and we hope that you can make us think. But I think we can all agree that the gaming industry is diseased; it is leprous, positively filthy and abhorrent, and in dire need of overhaul from the bottom-up.

Aria DiMezzo is a reviewer with the aggregated website Cubed3, but there is no affiliation between DiMezzo Gaming and Cubed3. The views, ideas, opinions, and other shit presented here do not reflect the views, ideas, and opinions of Cubed3.



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